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During these 28 days, we will:

  • Provide you with simple and easy to follow nutrition strategies, that still allow you to enjoy your favourite foods
  • Create a program designed specifically to help you achieve your goals
  • Take you through the first four weeks of this fully bespoke training plan
  • Take you through a thourough assessment at the beggining and end of your 28 days so we can see the progress you've made
  • Once you're 28 Days are over, we'll provide you with our' 'What To Do Next' guide, showing you how you can maintain your progress on your own

And YES, we're doing this completely FREE of Charge, No Hidden Clauses, NO Fine Print, and NO Hard Sales

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  • Click the 'Start Trial' button below, and one of our coaches will contact you shortly to invite you in for your first 'Success Session'
  • During this session, we'll go through your exercise history and current goals in a little more detail, and then take you through a short workout. 
  • Based on what we learn about you, we'll create a program to help you achieve your specific goals 
  • We'll then take you through the 24 Weeks of that program for FREE at a signigicntly reduced price
  • And then, at the end of the 28 days, if you think we're a good fit for you and would like to continue with us, we'll enroll you onto one of our memberships
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Tom Miller, 34

"The thing I like the best about Polaris is the friendly and welcoming approach to training - both Dave and Juran are highly personable, fun to work with and always very accommodating."

Tom Miller, 34 Commercial Director 

Hayley French, 37

"Even in a semi private setting the guys are still very attentive, I feel like I still get 100% attention with my training programmes and direction whilst in the gym. The best thing about polaris fitness is the fact I see clear results and the fact the gym is up beat and not pretentious. Both David and Juran are very knowledgeable and I have learnt so much just from the advice they have given me on nutrition and training."

Hayley French, 37 Director 

Daniel Barnett, 24

"David and Juran put me at ease from the first session and tailored my workouts from the very beginning to help me develop these skills! Since joining I have noticed visible differences in my body and my overall strength, reducing my body fat but also increasing muscle. Joining Polaris has also helped change my attitudes towards food and the importance of this on my improvement. The best thing about training at Polaris is absolutely the support and inclusiveness of the studio for whatever age or goals you have. "

Daniel Barnett, 24 Accountant

Avneet Jandu, 26

"I was worried I might not enjoy it, or might not stick at it, but the trial week helped make my decision A bit easier, but since working with polaris Fitness I have noticed I have lost weight, I feel a lot more motivated and as though I’m in a routine I like that there is variety, I’m never bored, I see and feel a difference and I stay motivated."

Avneet Jandu, 26 Office Admin

Kat Hayes, 36

"Having trained with Dave and Juran I have noticed a massive change to my strength and general fitness levels and clothes that were getting too tight started to fit again! I love the semi private setting because my programme is specific to me, it changes every 4-6 weeks so I don't get bored and I feel I'm always feel I'm being pushed. Because I tend to train at the same time every day i often train with the same people so we help motivate each other on the tough days! I can't recommend these guys enough! If you're unsure if this is for you give it a try. They make training fun!"

Kat Hayes, 36 Office Admin

Margaret Wong, 61

"Just in case you were wondering if PolarisFitness is limited to 30s proffessionals, I am 61 years young. I have been going to Polaris for just under 2 years and it has become an important part of my life. i am proud to be a member of the polaris family.  

Dave and Juran are extremely professional, they are both highly qulalified and watch you like hawks to ensure tht you are doing the exercises correctly to maximise befefit and avoid injury.  

I suffered from cartilage problems in my right knee, but they worked on strengthening the supporting muscles and it no longer bothers me. As for results, I joined as a size 16 and i am now findng my size 12 cloths loose. I am fitter and better toned than I have been since my 20s. More importantly, the 'boys' really care about their clients and take a genuine interest in you"

Margaret Wong, 61 Teacher

Naheed Khawaja, 42

"I trained with both David and juran for a few months before a medical procedure. My surgeon even noticed the change in me from pre surgery to surgery day, it was only 3 months apart.  

They were both amazing to train with. They listened to what I wanted to gain from the sessions and worked with me to achieve my short term goals.  

A great eye for detail to ensure my technique was always on form. extremely motivating and now I can't wait to return in the new year to start again"

placeholder image

Naheed Khawaja, 42 Medical Sales


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